Last weekend was the first time I’d been fishing with my son Jimmie in over a year. He, his son John II, and I spent a few hours Saturday on Kerr Lake. We found a few bass back in a mid lake creek where Jimmie and John both hooked and lost several nice fish. I guess it had been a while since they'd fished and they must have been out of practice.

We also spent about an hour searching for arrowheads on one of Kerr Lakes many islands, taking the opportunity while the water’s low to search the exposed shoreline. We picked up a small object and nearly thru it away before realizing it might be a hand tool. After sending photos to an expert on these type things we received verification that we’d discovered an Indian relic. It’s a small pestle used for grinding up things or working on hides. The neat thing is that 50 years ago or so my younger sister Anne, who we lost at an early age, found a Indian hatchet head close to that area which we still have today.

If you've ever met me you might say I move fast, and always have. In fact my mother said to me the other day while we were running thru Walmart - “Walt, slow down. I’ve been chasing you all your life.” It’s not that I’m impatient, I just like to get a lot of stuff done. Sometimes I move too fast, like the other day with John and Jimmie when I pointed to an underwater stump and told them to cast to it. Reflexively casting my plastic worm beside the stump before I could stop myself, a big bass about 4.5 pounds was on the hook and jumping around. The boys didn't even get a chance to cast. It would have been so much better if one of them had hooked it, but my subconscious took over.

Local fishing reports and top tournament finishers – Neil Smith and Jimmy Roughton won $8,000 in the Bojangles Championship tournament on Kerr Lake last weekend after weighing in almost 30 pounds of fish in the two day event. And the father son duo of Allen Stone and his son Scott won 1st Place in the 28th Annual Piedmont Tobacco Bass Invitational on Kerr Lake weighing in 12.86 pounds to earn $1,065. And Richard Cooper and Tim Grein won the CATT trail tournament but I didn't see details posted yet.

Info on upcoming tournaments – not aware of any coming up this weekend.

Next week’s report – Results from the BFL 2 Day tournament on Kerr Lake. This is the last event of the season for the Piedmont division and I need a top finish to qualify for the James River championship.

Tip of the week – Don't dilly dally when someone points to a stump and says, “hey cast over there”.

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