Susan and I had a ball camping with our family and friends at the Nutbush No. 3 campground on Kerr Lake last week. We enjoyed hot dogs on the grill and homemade ice cream on the Fourth of July, a striper and shrimp fry using Moss’s seafood breader and peanut oil on Friday, and a low country boil of shrimp, sausages, potatoes and corn another night. It’s a wonder we didn’t gain 10 pounds the way we ate. We fished early while it was cool, then swam and rode jet skis during the day when it got hot. We enjoyed a fire one unusually cool night that our daughter, Claire, made with wood other campers left behind when their trip was over. We’re already looking forward to our next family camping trip.

Area fishing reports and tournament information/updates — Striper fishing is really good on Kerr Lake right now. With the “hot weather” rules in place, it’s a good time to stock your freezer with some of the best fish filets you can eat. The fish are schooling early in the mornings and chasing baitfish on the surface near the big island, near beer beach and towards the dam. Catching them on a Zara Spook topwater lure by casting to fish while they’re boiling the water all around the boat is about as exciting as fishing gets. As the sun comes up later, a jigging spoon works well if you can get over a school. Susan and I have packed and freezed enough striper filets in the last couple of weeks to fill one sliding freezer rack and half of another.

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