After spending Friday and Saturday on Kerr Lake successfully locating schools of baitfish and the largemouth bass, stripers and big catfish that follow them toward shallow water every fall, I thought Richard Hinton and I might do good in Sundays CATT bass tournament. Although he’s an experienced outdoorsman this was Richard’s first bass tournament, adding “beginners luck” to the equation. Bass, stripers and some big blue catfish were gorging on schools of bait in the back of several creeks from the Hibernia area to Grassy Creek in the afternoons and evenings, and would strike a small chrome or silver crankbait fished near shallow stumps and rocks.

Richard and I had a great time during the tournament catching up on old times, but a money finish didn’t happen. Early in the day we landed a bass that weighed almost 4 pounds from an area that usually holds several fish that size. Richard had a huge fish break his line there and then they just seemed to quit biting. Later in the day other areas where fish had been actively chasing bait for the prior two days were flat calm and seemed like the Dead Sea. We ended up with two keepers, and I look forward to the next time out with this childhood friend.

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