Many thanks to my long-time tournament fishing sponsor, Vance County’s Carolina Country Snacks, for their years of support. It’s been a great honor to be a brand ambassador for this local snack producer. Thanks tremendously to Dwight Frazier and Angie Jacobs for not only their support but for genuinely enjoying my adventures on this continuing quest to be a successful fisherman. You may have seen where Wise Foods acquired CCS recently, and the possibility of me being a promoter for a national brand is exciting. Regardless of what the future holds it’s been wonderful to have the confidence and support of such a great company. Now if I could just catch a few more fish.

This week while mowing the grass I saw a yellow puff shoot from under the mower. Sadly realizing I’d mowed over a baby chicken, it felt somewhat better when I saw it was a small wind-up hopping toy one of our grandkids left in the yard during last Sunday’s Easter celebration. All our children and their families, as well as my parents, enjoyed an afternoon of great food and fun including an Easter egg hunt.

Area fishing reports and tournament updates - One hundred and twenty-eight teams participated in the Collins Marine Bass for Cash Boys and Girls Club of North Central North Carolina bonus pot fundraiser tournament on Kerr Lake last Saturday. The first place team of “Stump” Bledsoe and Glenn Elliot, who were competing as a team when my son Jimmie and I started tournament fishing over 20 years ago, took home $3,650 for the BFC win along with the $3,000 Boys and Girls bonus pot for a $6,650 payday. Their 18.22 pound limit just beat out the second place team of Cliff and Randy Jenkins who had 18.07, including the days biggest bass weighing 7.42 pounds.

Kevin Cheatham and I finished 52nd with three fish weighing 6.71 pounds. Kevin caught a big one on a spinnerbait with about 10 minutes left to fish and we fished hard up until the end hoping to each catch a big one for a limit. Thanks to Donnie Yarborough for loaning me his gloves Saturday morning since I’d forgotten mine, and to Kevin for loaning me a drop cord.

Steve Selph weighed a 3 pound crappie at Bobcat’s this week which probably means they're shallow spawning on Kerr Lake. And Sam Carver caught a 100 pound blue catfish while fishing with Austin Sartin.

On Lake Hickory near Hickory NC the big bass were in shallow water getting ready to spawn. I didn’t get many bites while there this week scouting for a CBC tournament that’s coming up in a couple of weeks, but the ones I did get were big fish, including one close to six pounds. And I got to say hello to former Henderson resident Fon Faulkner Cornwell who stepped out on her boat pier to say hi one morning.

Next week’s report - Bass fishing reports from Lake Hickory and Lake Norman. I’ll be doing some more scouting on Hickory to prepare for a CBC Bass tournament there coming up on April 21st, and getting back familiar with Lake Norman to be ready for the Bassmaster Open event there that starts May 10th.

Tip of the week – Does the “Mild” store bought pork sausage you like seem a little bland? Is the “Hot” version just a little too spicy? Try mixing one of each thoroughly in a mixing bowl. Like Goldilocks said, “This one’s just right."

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