While out fishing on Lake Wylie on the North Carolina/South Carolina border near Charlotte last Sunday, I mentioned to my team partner Duke Dennison that I thought Jason Quinn had a house on the lake. Jason Quinn doesn’t get much press these days, but 12 years ago he was competing in the 2006 Bassmasters Classic held on Lake Wylie. Duke and I were out scouting for places to fish in the upcoming Carolinas Bass Challenge tournament there and we weren’t having much success locating fish. I remarked that maybe we’d see Jason and he could help. Duke replied that he didn’t think Jason Quinn was going to tell us where we could find the winning fish.

Guess what? Fishing along the shore we came to a big boat dock with an enclosed room and thru the window I noticed someone sitting inside. As any self respecting Vance County native would do I threw up my hand and out walked none other than Jason Quinn. And he told us where and how to catch the winning fish. We’ll know whether it did us any good or not after the tournament this weekend but we did catch a few fish where he suggested using a bait he recommended.

Area fishing reports and tournament updates - The early spring weather we’re having is good for fishing. In last weekends CATT tournament on Kerr Lake a 5 fish limit weighing 19.63 pounds won first place with a a 6.62 pound kicker. The team of Ryan Roller and Gary Colwell shared $2,720 for their efforts. Bryan Cotrell and Ellis Jones took second and $1,300 with 18.56 pounds.

On Shearon Harris Lake Todd Massey, fishing alone without his team partner Brandon Gray, took first place against 51 teams in the PBC Cashion Fishing Rods Spring Team Bass Trail with five bass weighing 34.20 lbs, including the biggest fish at 8.05 lbs. He won over $3,000 total.

Frankie Hawks and her family caught a nice mess of crappie and white perch this week from a Vance County pond and got to enjoy some good eating.

Next week’s report - Results from the CBC tournament on Wylie, the CATT and BFL Piedmont events on Kerr and fishing reports from other area lakes.

Tip of the week – Check the connections to your boats cranking and trolling motor batteries every few months. Clean any corrosion with a wire brush and make sure the connectors are tight to prevent problems on the water.

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