This summer has surely started off hot. And I recall summers were hot 50 years ago when I was a little boy, too. Last Monday my grandson John II and I spent the afternoon on Belews Lake near Winston-Salem. Swimming there is kind of like taking a warm bath, except there’s no soap and the water heater didn’t quite have enough hot water left. By the water temperature gauge in the boat the water was around 95 degrees in some places. Belews supports a steam power plant that uses the lake water thru the plant to make steam so it’s warm all year.

We got out around 2 p.m. after John finished his reading camp, and fishing was slow. Our plan was to swim for a while, then fish for a while, and then repeat. About 5 p.m. we’d done two cycles of this and both decided it was time to head home because it was just too hot to swim. I told John that this was a first for me. A large group of fish we’d found the Friday before around some rocks were nowhere to be found, and with only one small largemouth to show for our efforts we headed home and made a new plan.

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