It’s hard to believe, but summer unofficially comes to an end when school buses rumble onto the roads Monday morning, delivering students back to class across much of the Tri-County.

It will be a day of firsts. Some families will be sending their kindergartners to school for the first time. For Henderson Collegiate students, it will be their first day in their new high school. And for Vance County Middle School and Vance County High School, it will be the first day of class, ever, for the newly created schools.

As the school system prepared for the merger, some adults in the community raised concerns about how kids from different neighborhoods would be able to get along. We didn’t hear that from any of the students, though. As the athletic teams have practiced and begun to play competitively, students have seamlessly joined together. There has been no indication of friction or jealousy over displeasure over someone from a former rival school getting a particular position.

We don’t think the kids have a problem with merger. The school staff has been working diligently on ways to build community. The students selected their mascots and team colors. They have been to orientation. They are ready.

We hope the adults are, as well, and that people don’t raise the specter of problems unless they truly exist. Our children — all of our children — need us to expect the best of them, to support and encourage them, not to assume that they will create trouble at the first opportunity.

We believe the school merger is a good change for our community — it’s a better use of our resources. We support Vance County Schools in its effort to build a stronger sense of community in our schools during the 2018-19 school year. #BetterTogether.