OXFORD — COVID-19 has caused two more deaths in the area, the latest occurring at the Granville House assisted living center in Oxford and at the Butner federal prison.

Granville-Vance Public Health officials said the Granville House resident, an 88-year-old woman, died Nov. 21.

It was the second death of a resident of that facility from COVID-19 since the start of an outbreak of the coronavirus there that’s known to have infected 12 staff members and 23 residents.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons, meanwhile, reported that inmate Louis Allen Rector died Nov. 12.

He was the 27th Butner prison inmate to succumb this year after contracting COVID-19 in what is by far the region’s largest outbreak of the virus.

Rector tested positive on July 8 and was placed in isolation in the prison hospital. He required hospitalization at an outside hospital on Aug. 28 for treatment and evaluation of what the bureau called “a lower gastrointestinal bleed.”

He came back to the Butner prison’s hospital on Sept. 9 and was placed in its “comfort care unit.”

Like the inmates who died before him, Rector had what the Bureau of Prisons termed “long-term, pre-existing medical conditions” that are known risk factors for developing a severe case of COVID-19.

The Texan had been serving a five-year prison sentence for conspiring to possess and distribute methamphetamine.

Federal officials said Tuesday that 83 inmates and 11 staff members of the Butner prison have active cases of COVID-19. It deems 874 inmates and 83 staff members to have recovered from coronavirus infections.

The death toll in the prison also includes one of its guards.

Elsewhere in the region, Vance County Clerk of Court Henry Gupton said the cancellation of court sessions at the county courthouse will continue into next week.

Chief District Judge John Davis ordered sessions canceled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Gupton said the courthouse proper, and the clerk’s office, remain open with “limited staff.”

Court officials began cancelling sessions late last week thanks to the emergence of a cluster of five or more COVID-19 cases among people at the courthouse.

Granville-Vance Public Health Director Lisa Harrison said court officials “are being very cooperative” with her office and are “working hard to follow all guidance to ensure the safety of the public and their staff.”

Contact Ray Gronberg at rgronberg@hendersondispatch.com or by phone at 252-436-2850.

Contact Ray Gronberg at rgronberg@hendersondispatch.com or by phone at 252-436-2850.