Jayden Watkins, 13, is signing copies of his devotional book “Higher Heights” this weekend at Tiffany’s

HENDERSON — Jayden Watkins, a local 13-year old, is hosting a book signing on Sunday, June 13, at Tiffany’s in Henderson. The event is free and open to the public from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Watkins hopes to inspire those of his community with the 40-page devotional book, “Higher Heights: The Past Is Behind Me And The Future Is Before Me,” which highlights 40 Scriptures and talks about how to set goals, tap into spirituality, and more.

“What inspired me to write the book was me seeing people set goals for themselves, but their past would always hinder that goal,” Watkins said. “I always saw people saying what they couldn’t do because of their past.”

Watkins is a motivational speaker and hosts a podcast, “The Preferable Podcast,” where he and guests of the show aim to help people make the world a better place. The podcast is released every two weeks on platforms like Audible, Amazon Podcast, iTunes, and iHeartRadio.

He made his debut as a motivational speaker at the age of 9 years at Spring Street Missionary Baptist Church. He says he knew as early as 4 years old that trying to help others through words was what he wanted to do.

“There were different moments throughout my life that inspired me to want to become a motivational speaker,” he said. “It was more what I saw around me that made [me]. It started with I wanted to encourage my classmate, then I said maybe I can encourage my family and community, and then out into the world,” Watkins said.

He says it was seeing the disparities of his community that inspired him to not only write his book, but aim toward uplifting those around him. Watkins is from Henderson and attends Henderson Collegiate.

“Higher Heights: The Past Is Behind Me And The Future Is Before Me” is now available through Barnes and Noble or Amazon for $13.99. There will also be copies at the book signing for $15.99.