NORLINA — A federal judge has sent a man from Norlina to prison for nine years on drug and weapons charges.

William Leon Mayfield, 60, received the sentence Monday, about 5½ months after pleading guilty to charges of possessing crack, cocaine and marijuana with intent to distribute, maintaining a dwelling to manufacture, distribute or use drugs, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Also known as “Moon,” Mayfield sold crack from his home to a Warren County Sheriff’s Office informant several times. The sheriff’s office obtained and served a search warrant for the home in June 2018, deputies finding drugs along with a loaded gun and some U.S. currency.

Prosecutors from the Eastern District of North Carolina U.S. attorney’s office noted that Mayfield has a lengthy criminal record in the state courts.

N.C. Department of Public Safety records indicate Mayfield’s been in and out of state prison five times, beginning in 1983 on a charge of breaking, entering and larceny and most recently in 2016 on a charge of firearms possession by a felon.

His record also includes imprisonments on charges of possessing or selling Schedule II drugs, of which cocaine and its variants are the most common.