HENDERSON — Groups and individuals fanned out across Vance County in recent days to sweep the area clean of litter.

The annual Spring Litter Sweep began on April 10 and will continue until April 24.

In a Twitter message, Terri Hedrick, chairwoman of the Vance County Appearance Commission, said results of the Litter Sweep are still inconclusive.

Groups have picked up litter on Ruin Creek Road, Warrenton Road, Vicksboro Road and elsewhere, she said. Last weekend, members of the Henderson Fire Department picked up trash on the I-85 ramps at Ruin Creek Road.

To avoid the COVID-19 dangers of groups interacting, Litter Sweep did not coordinate signup efforts this year, she said. Recruiting was limited to encouraging organizations and individuals to participate.

Litter Sweep is a statewide program sponsored by the N.C. Department of Transportation. The state uses the twice-yearly event to encourage local businesses and residents to clean up North Carolina’s roadways and neighborhoods.