HENDERSON — Henderson resident Derrel MDA is keeping up the hard work to local music flowing as he released two songs, “She’s Bad” and “I Love Ya” on Aug. 1 and Sept. 8, respectively.

The songs can be found at places such as Amazon, and follow a 2017 rhythm and blues album in 2017 called “Exstacy Of Love” and a 2019 Christmas song called “Merry Christmas.”

Derrel MDA is essentially a one-man work machine when it comes to his art.

Everything that he released to this point, and those he’s working on, are his work fully. The only thing he can’t take credit for is the engineering of the recordings. Derrel MDA created all the beats, wrote all of the lyrics and is singing every part.

Interviewed on Sept. 17, he said “I Love Ya” is “pretty much for anybody,” and that he really loves the way it turned out.

And while he’s also proud of “She’s Bad,” he concedes that “some of the people kind of wasn’t really feeling the song” because of “some of the words that I put in the song.”

“When I talked about the Africans, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, some of them said that ‘that’s not our culture’ so they didn’t feel like the song related to them, but other than that, they said that the beat and the other lyrics and just the way that I just composed the song, they loved it,” Derrel MDA said. “So I still love it all the way around because it is my work so I love both of the songs. That’s my outcome of making both of them. I love them.”

He also said he’s working on new material. One song is finished, though not yet released.

It deals with timely subjects, and is dedicated to George Floyd.

“It has a really, really positive meaning to it,” he said. “I talk about white people and black people getting along in there. I talk about Martin Luther King, some of the speeches that he made. Then I talk about George Floyd, some of his last moments of what happened before he actually died, and just talk about racism.”

Derrel MDA is working on a gospel song, too. He finished it mid-month and it’s in the process of being mixed and mastered right now.

Another song is a work in progress, needing a trip back to the studio to complete, and yet another has also just been finished. In all, Derrel MDA has probably five to six songs that he intends to release probably within the next three months.

You can follow him online on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook at https://bit.ly/2Q7h3jC, https://bit.ly/3964myr and https://bit.ly/2Qfhrg7.