OXFORD — Athletic directors and some coaches at the Granville County Public Schools’ high schools and middle schools will receive a bit more money from the system for taking on the additional duties that come with those jobs.

The school board this week approved a set of pay changes that includes a 20% increase in the local supplement for the athletic directors at J.F. Webb, Granville Central and South Granville high schools.

As with all other school personnel, the pay package for coaches and athletic directors in traditional K-12 school systems across North Carolina blends state and local money. Most of the money that goes into any particular salary comes from the state, but local districts can and usually do add a local supplement for competitive reasons.

Coaches and athletic directors also typically have teaching duties that consume the majority of their time at work, their work on sports being considered an add-on duty for which they receive extra pay.

GCPS officials said the adjustments are intended to ensure that the district is offering a pay package that’s competitive with the likes of the Vance County Schools and the Franklin County Schools, if not with larger neighbors like the Durham County Schools and Wake County Schools.

“We’re surrounded by two much-larger school districts,” Calvin Timberlake, district athletic director, told the Granville school board. “We can’t really compete with that. But we should be able to compete with districts that are similar in size.”

For athletic directors and coaches alike, the district offers pay supplements that vary with the recipient’s experience level and with whether they have a commercial driver’s license, which enables them to drive a bus.

Before Monday’s vote, a high school athletic director in the Granville system who doesn’t have a CDL could get an extra $2,988 to $6,492 a year for taking on the job. With a CDL, they could get anywhere from $3,287 to $7,141.

Now, with the 20% increase, those ranges are $3,585 to $7,790 without a CDL and $3,944 to $8,569 with a license.

District administrators say starting-salary supplements for high-school athletic directors are $6,000 in Vance County, $5,000 in Franklin County, $7,505 in Durham and $5,770 in Wake.

For middle-school athletic directors, officials opted for a different approach that changes where those positions rank on a nine-step hierarchy used to calculate the supplement, instead of going with a straight percentage.

High-school athletic directors are on the top step of that hierarchy, while their middle-school counterparts were mid-way between its fourth and fifth levels. The middle-school administrators will now move up to the fifth step, which if they have a CDL will put an extra $417 or so in their checks each year.

Similar ranking changes will raise pay for high-school wrestling, volleyball, golf and cross-country head coaches, assistant coaches for basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling and volleyball. At the middle-school level, there are also increases for head football, wrestling, baseball, soccer, track, volleyball and cheerleading coaches.

The supplements for head coaches of highest-profile sports — football and basketball — were roughly in line with the district’s neighbors and won’t change.

All the adjustments are effective as of Jan. 1, and altogether, the package of increases should cost the district an additional $18,900 a year with athletic directors as a group getting $4,500 of that, high school coaches $8,300 and middle-school coaches $6,100.

Beth Day, assistant superintendent for finance, said the district will absorb the cost within its existing budget.

Contact Ray Gronberg at rgronberg@hendersondispatch.com or by phone at 252-436-2850.

Contact Ray Gronberg at rgronberg@hendersondispatch.com or by phone at 252-436-2850.

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