OXFORD — Granville County’s school board has signed off on a personnel shuffle that among other things puts in place a new assistant superintendent to oversee curriculum and teaching.

The changes take effect July 1, and officials hope they streamline the way they support their schools.

“I believe that the reassignments are going to [position] us now that we’re going to be back [teaching] face-to-face,” said board Chairman David Richardson. “As we embark on our mantra of a new day, [that] new leadership and those reassignments are just kind of making sure everyone’s on the right seat on the bus.

First, the board named Stan Winborne, now the assistant superintendent for operations and human resources, to the position of associate superintendent of curriculum, instruction and student services.

Winborne has served nearly 25 years with the district, and as head of curriculum and instruction will replace Michael Myrick, who’s leaving to become superintendent of the Weldon City Schools.

“I look forward to building upon the work of my good friend and colleague, Dr. Myrick,” said Winborne, who also will continue as the system’s public information officer. “I consider this role to be one that above all, puts the interests of our students first. I am excited to be given the responsibility to execute the academic vision and goals of our superintendent as laid out in our district’s strategic plan, and look forward to working closely with the teachers, principals and other support staff in our schools.”

“As a father of four children, all of whom have flourished in our school district, I truly believe that we are the choice for education in Granville County,” Winborne added. “I am committed to ensure that continues to be the case moving forward.”

Jamar Perry, who is currently entering his third year with the school system, was named executive director of human resources.

Bill Graham was named interim executive director of operations. In his 36-years career, he’s been principal of South Granville High School, Granville Central High School and, most recently, Granville Academy.

Courtney Currin was named the director of federal compliance and personnel and will also take on marketing duties for the district. Replacing her as principal of Tar River Elementary is Timothy Bombay, who moves up from his role as assistant principal at that school.

Mary Warehime is also moving to the position of interim principal of Granville Academy. She has served as dean of instruction for the school for the past two years.

The following were named assistant principals for the following schools: Kristin Wilson, Tar River Elementary School; Ashley Lloyd, Granville Central High School; Anthony Herndon, Butner-Stem Middle School; Kelly Helner, Creedmoor Elementary School; Emily Makay, Northern Granville Middle School; Pam Davis (intern), Northern Granville Middle School; and Kellie Walton (intern), Butner-Stem Middle School.

“Dr. Myrick’ss departure gave us the ability to do a reorganization at the Central Office,” Richardson said. “These reassignments happen periodically for several reasons. Downsizing is one of them. The other is playing off of others talents, or wishing that a principal or assistant principal may want a new challenge.”