OXFORD — Get your hands on some stew when the Granville County Wildlife Club has its Annual Turkey Shoot, Raffle & Stew Sale this Saturday at the club, which is at 6670 Alvis Brooks Road in Oxford.

The club will make 75 gallons of Brunswick stew and sell it by the quart.

“In years past, you could come in and dine in. We’re not certain we’re going to have that this year or not because, you know,” said Kevin Bishop, president of the Granville County Wildlife Club. “But we do a raffle and we do a turkey shoot. It’s not turkey shoot in the traditional sense, but it’s a skeet shoot” where the winner gets two-thirds of the paid entry fees.

The club’s share of the entry fees “covers our clays, but the idea is [to] try to get people here to buy the stew,” he said.

The club has a 75-gallon cast-iron pot in its cookshed, and will fire it up Friday night sometime around 10. When members turn it off around 6 a.m. on Saturday, they’ll have the day’s main eats.

Serving should begin in the morning, and there will be a raffle in the afternoon. For the raffle, “we have sold out this year, which is amazing,” Bishop said, adding that the drawing usually occurs between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

There are 10 prizes the club acquired via Cross Creek Outdoor Supplies in Henderson.

As long there are folks “rolling up this driveway” the club will stay there and sell stew, Bishop said.

One doesn’t need to purchase a raffle ticket in order to get stew.

Outside the event, the Granville County Wildlife Club gives people shooting-activity options and has a lengthy history.

Bishop believes the club began in 1962. It has just shy of 25 acres.

On the site is a pistol range, which he referred to as a “work in progress.” Additionally, there’s a 100-yard rifle line with a shooting bench and a skeet line.

“When the club was first built back in the early ’60s, the whole focus was around bird hunting and the skeet,” Bishop said. “The society for the shooting sports and wildlife have changed so much where the trap and the skeets [are] kind of going down. There’s still quite a following for it, but more people are getting into pistols and that. We’re trying to kind of steer it towards more pistol shooting.”

The club’s also set up targets for archery.

On top of its own offerings, the club has helped other groups. For instance, it gives money to Area Congregations in Ministry and has given money to animal shelters.