OXFORD — Granville County Animal Management has received a $6,000 grant from the Petco Love organization to support the county’s efforts to manage the feral cat population.

The grant will enable animal control officers to trap, neuter and release 90 to 100 feral cats.

“The growing feral cat population is one that we have been addressing over a period of time,” said Animal Management Director Matt Katz. “The [trap/neuter/release] is steadily making an impact, and in a humane way. This funding will allow us to continue our work to safely keep our numbers in check while keeping our euthanasia rate low.”

In 2020, the program helped save the lives of 411 cats and reduce the number that were euthanized.

“There’s a lot of research behind what we’re doing,” Katz told The Daily Dispatch. “It’s the most requested call for service — feral cats.”

In addition to the trap/neuter/release sequence, Animal Management vaccinates the cats before releasing them.

Rabies is a significant problem with cats, particularly because they are more likely to be picked up and played with, Katz said.

Petco Love offers the grants organizations like Granville County Animal Management “as part of our commitment to create a future in which no pet is unnecessarily euthanized,” Petco Love President Susanne Kogut said, as quoted in a news release.

Granville County Animal Management’s offices are at the Granville County Animal Shelter, 515 New Commerce Drive in Oxford. Information about the T/N/R program or other animal control services may be obtained by calling 919-693-6749.

Animal control information is also available through the Granville County Government website at www.granvillecounty.org.

Petco Love is a nonprofit organization promoting the welfare of pets and pet families. Founded in 1999 as the Petco Foundation, Petco Love has invested $300 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. In addition, it has helped find homes for more than 6.5 million pets in partnership with more than 4,000 organizations nationwide.

To learn more about Peetco Love, visit petcolove.org.