WARRENTON — Interim Superintendent Keith Sutton will receive an $11,250 monthly salary from the Warren County Schools while he’s in office, along with a $150 travel allowance to help cover his commuting costs.

Sutton, an education consultant who’s also the chairman of the Wake County school board, is set to take office in Warren County on July 1. His contract was signed on May 27 and runs through Dec. 31.

The deal specifies that he has full powers, duties, and authority of the superintendent while helping the board with preparing for a new, permanent superintendent and making any recommendations he sees fit for the school system.

He is taking over from Superintendent Mary Young, who’s resigned and is leaving after not quite two years on the job.

Sutton’s contract means that he would receive $67,500 if he works the full six months. But it provides that the salary will continue for “any additional months that he serves as temporary superintendent.”

He will commute from his home in Raleigh.

The contract specifies that Sutton must “hold or be eligible to hold” State Board of Education certification to act as superintendent. The deal is “null and void” if he is unable to be certified by the board, it says.

Nothing in the contract prohibits Sutton from continuing to work as an independent consultant, but he is expected to put his job as temporary superintendent first.

He has agreed not to advertise his employment with Warren County School while providing consulting services.

But he is allowed to disclose his employment with the Warren County Schools or other information classified by law as a public record, and he can include his position as superintendent on a resume, curriculum vitae or when otherwise describing his professional background.

At any time the board or Sutton can terminate the contract, as long as they give 30 days’ written notice.

If the county school board decides to hire a new superintendent before Dec. 31, it will notify Sutton that it’s terminating his contract on the day before the permanent superintendent starts work.

The $11,250 monthly salary will be prorated if Sutton doesn’t work a full month.