The temporary four-way stop at the intersection of Chestnut and Montgomery streets is likely to remain there well into 2022, as city officials weigh the cost of repairing the existing lights or replacing them with an all-new fixture.

HENDERSON — In May, the stoplights on the intersection of Chestnut and Montgomery Street experienced technical difficulties, then, without warning, went completely out.

City officials responded by putting up a temporary four-way stomp, and have begun a search for a contractor to help them fix the issue.

“We’re looking at making a one-arm pole made of aluminum that would be cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing,” Assistant City Manager Paylor Spruill said, alluding to the existing wire-hung lights at the intersection. “If that falls through, we are also looking for the necessary parts to replace the lights we do have in place there.”

Both options will await the approval of the City Council during its budget deliberations next spring.

Until the city staff hears the results of that discussion, the four-way stop signs will remain.

The lights at the downtown intersection had given trouble for a while, having also went out in the summer of 2020.