HENDERSON — The Henderson City Council will meet on Monday evening to hear from representatives of the UNC School of Government, who will provide details about the selection process for establishing an Urban Redevelopment Commission.

The meeting will take place at 5 p.m. via Zoom. Council members may participate from home, work or in Council chambers.

The public may participate in the meeting. The Zoom information will be posted on the city’s web page no later than noon on Monday. It can be accessed at www.ci.henderson.nc.us.

State law provides for the creation of redevelopment commissions to acquire and replan blighted areas so they can be economically and socially redeveloped.

The law allows the government of a city of town to create a redevelopment commission to function within the territorial limits of the municipality, provided blighted areas exist there and the redevelopment of the blighted areas “is necessary in the interest of the public health, safety, morals or welfare of the residents of such municipality.”

In January, 2020, Henderson’s City Council contracted with the School of Government to evaluate the prospects for redevelopment of an extensive portion of the city lying south of West Andrews Avenue and west of South Chestnut Street.

Assistant City Manager Paylor Spruill said the purpose of Monday’s meeting is to get an update on prospects for that portion of the city, as well as for the downtown area.

The meeting is for informational purposes, he said. No official action will be taken.