Henderson officials are in the midst of placing two fountains — like this one — in the traffic circle at the intersection of North Garnett and Charles streets. The veterans memorial that formerly occupied the space is being moved near the city police on Breckinridge Street.

HENDERSON — Illuminated fountains will soon grace the traffic circle at the intersection of North Garnett and Charles streets. The veterans memorial, which has stood there for several years, will be moved.

Assistant City Manager Paylor Spruill said the new display will include two fountains 4 feet in diameter that will sit atop concrete rings, flanking a larger fountain at ground level.

Produced by Gauger Design of Hamburg, Germany, the stainless steel fountains are equipped with LED lighting for night display.

“We expect to complete it as soon as the weather will allow,” Spruill said.

The change does not minimize the importance of the veterans memorial, however.

The American Legion has been asking for a better display of the veterans memorial, Spruill said. It will be moved to a spot near the police station on Breckenridge Street. Meanwhile, the stones that have been part of the display have been moved temporarily to Young Street. They will become part of the permanent Breckenridge Street display.

Mayor Eddie Ellington explained the rationale for the swap.

“When the long standing spruce pine tree across from First United Methodist Church became diseased and was beginning to die, the City Council and management made the decision to utilize the space in a way that would promote Henderson as the “City of Water,” he said.

In highlighting “our greatest economic resource” and the city’s interest as “the controlling partner of the Kerr Lake Regional Water System will give those living here and visiting a visual and focal point of this asset,” he said.

And as part of the effort, he said, “we are using this time to honor and do more for the men and women of the military by way of moving the Veterans Memorial to the green area beside the Police Department and adding benches, where unlike before [they] can be adequately accessed for reflecting on those that have served our great country.”