New book

The cover of “She Prayed,” a book written by Henderson native Tiffany Jones in memory of her grandmother, Alma Johnson, is shown.

HENDERSON — Tiffany Jones said, “I had a praying grandmother.”

Her grandmother taught her to pray, and Jones has used prayer to see her through some tough times.

Now she wants to share her grandmother’s lessons with others. She has put them into a book, “She Prayed: Prayers for All,” written in memory of her grandmother, Alma Johnson.

It’s personal, but it carries messages for everyone.

Jones grew up in the Flint Hill section of Henderson. “It was hard there growing up,” she said, adding that her grandmother’s lessons “stuck with me,” helping her overcome negative influences in her life, then and later.

Her grandmother taught her how to love and how to care. “But most of all, she taught me how to pray,” Jones said.

Jones spent her childhood and youth in Henderson. She attended E.M. Rollins Elementary School, Eaton-Johnson Middle School and Southern Vance High School. After graduation, she attended Vance-Granville Community College.

She worked for McDonald’s for 18 years in various locations in North Carolina and out of state.

But her career was interrupted in 2011 by a strange illness. Her doctors were puzzled. “They couldn’t tell me what it was,” Jones said.

Finally, in 2016, she went to Duke University Hospital, where she was diagnosed with lupus.

The doctors told her she would never work again. But she refused to accept that conclusion. Her physical challenges led her to turn more seriously to prayer.

“I taught myself to go to a deeper level in prayer,” she said. “From there I got stronger.”

She began to write out her prayers, which eventually led to her book.

Jones sees the book as a guide to help people through their troubles.

“I grew up in Flint Hill,” she said. “I want to let people know they can get better, they can get out.”

Her book was released on Christmas Day. A Kindle edition of “She Prayed” is available through Amazon, and a paperback edition will soon be available, Jones said.

She and her husband, Raynal Jones, and their three children live in Youngsville. Jones now works for Head Start in Oxford.

In the blurb she wrote for Amazon, Jones said, “I am a firm believer that prayer can move all mountains, can heal all diseases, can fix broken hearts, but most of all, I know it can draw you closer to God.”