HENDERSON — A barrage of gunfire late Wednesday afternoon on Walnut Street resulted in the arrests of two subjects, Henderson Police Chief Marcus Barrow said on Friday.

Anthony Pauling, 18, was arrested Wednesday at the location of the shooting for unrelated warrants of obtaining property under false pretenses. On Thursday, Ry’Zaveaun Wynn, 19, was taken into custody for possession of a stolen firearm.

“This was due to saturated enforcement of the area and our ongoing investigation from the first incident,” Barrow said of Wynn’s arrest.

A number of shots — perhaps as many as 20 — were fired on Walnut Street Wednesday, less than a month after a drive-by shooting injured a teen near the same spot.

Barrow said Henderson Police units were nearby when Wednesday’s shooting occurred.

“When they pulled up, multiple subjects just took off running,” Barrow said. “Weren’t able to immediately locate anybody.”

Barrow said one person was grazed by a bullet but no medical attention was required and there were no reports of significant property damage, adding that Henderson Police will remain vigilant in the area until the problem is solved.

The Henderson Police were also dispatched to a Nov. 3 daytime shooting on Orange Street, located in the same general area west of South Chestnut Street.

“We’re still trying to figure it out,” Barrow said of Wednesday’s shooting. “Normally when you have two sides that were perpetrating some type of criminal activity, neither one of them are cooperative, even the victims.”