“How can you disown your God like that? Can a girl forget her jewels? What bride will seek to hide her wedding dress? Yet for years on end My people have forgotten Me — the most precious of their treasures.” Jeremiah 2:32

Can you remember back when you were dating? Is that harp music I hear? Are the angels singing? You and your sweetheart would talk and talk on the phone. You would share all about your day and your feelings for each other, then you would eventually run out of things to talk about, but neither of you wanted to hang up. You both stayed on the line way past having anything meaningful to say. You just wanted to be connected to each other. You just wanted to know that the other person was right there. You were happy just hearing your beloved breathe. Man, they were the good old days.

Sadly, many people never get that deep in their relationship with God. They may give Him two hours on Sunday. If they are extreme, maybe a Sunday night, or if they get wild, a Wednesday night. Too many people begin to pray with “amen” already in their sights. They know what they want to tell God. They have their list of demands and petitions to bring before the throne and then they are finished. They want to get done and move on to some other activity.

Be honest with yourself: When was the last time you just spent time with God? Not asking Him for anything, just enjoying being in His presence. How often do you get into your Bible and allow the greatest love letter of all time penetrate your heart? We can sit there and read verse after verse about the great and compassionate Savior. How often do you go to Him in prayer, not asking Him for anything, but thanking Him for everything that He has blessed us with, done for us and promised to us? How often do you go and worship, setting absolutely everything else aside, not thinking about what next week may bring or what went on last week and truly worshipping God?

I dare say for most of us, when we answer those questions, we are humbled by the answers.

Jeremiah was reminding the people that they were neglecting the greatest treasure of all, God. They had many great earthly blessings, jewelry, upcoming weddings, just to name a few, but they had forgotten about the greatest blessing of all, having a God that loves us and that we can spend time with Him. The Prophet was telling them how foolish it would be to waste those physical blessings, but even more foolish to waste the opportunity to fellowship and commune with the Creator of the universe.

Let me encourage you this week, to go deeper in your walk with God. Set more time aside to spend with Him. Make it a point to clear your schedule for a set period and allow Him to speak to and love you.

The Rev. Eddie Nutt is pastor of North Henderson Baptist Church.

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