Is there anything in your life you are just “putting up with,” simply because it either doesn’t seem like a big deal or you just don’t want to take time to stop and check it out? I have noticed for some time that the doorknob on our front storm door has been really loose. But, rather than stopping to look, I have just been putting up with it wobbling in my hand every time I use it.

When I finally stopped to look, taking the handle off and getting “below the surface,” I noticed it was worse than I thought. Someone had drilled the hole for the handle in the wrong place, cut out the space where the screws should have gone, and just tried to “make it work.” Actually, I’m surprised the handle stayed on at all. Now that I stopped to look, I have begun the necessary work to make it solid again. I had to cut a larger hole and glue in a block of wood. Now I’m preparing to drill a properly aligned hole, re-attach the doorknobs and enjoy using a front door that works as it should. None of that would have been possible if I hadn’t stopped to look.

Many people have grown accustomed to putting up with the “loose doorknobs” of their lives, rather than stopping to take a closer look to see why they are wobbling and what needs to be done to correct it. This can happen in any aspect of our lives — as spouse, parent, child, or employee. We need to occasionally “stop and look” at our lives to see if there are any loose doorknobs that need to be taken off, further evaluated, and corrected. For many of us, we are moving down the road of life at such a pace that we fail even to notice those things, much less what needs to be done to correct them.

However, for each thing in our lives that we “put up with” we aren’t experiencing the joy of things working as God intends. Further, we aren’t glorifying God if we aren’t allowing Him to transform every aspect of our lives into an act of worship toward Him.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Therefore, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.” As Christians, God wants us to glorify Him in our spouse-ing, our parenting, our working. The only way we can fully glorify Him is for us to “stop and look” at those areas that are not glorifying to Him and to ask why.

Maybe we are harboring bitterness toward a parent or sibling. Maybe we have allowed the world to shape our parenting more than God’s Word. The key is to take the time to stop and look, acknowledge what is broken, evaluate it according to God’s truth, and ask Him to help us glorify Him in that area. Where do you need to “stop and look?”

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