RALEIGH — For the third time in the past eight months, state officials are warning residents to be on alert for insurance scams.

Recently, it has received a new report of scam artists going door-to-door claiming to be from the N.C. Department of Insurance.

During the visit, two impostors demanded to speak with the homeowner but would not provide their names, show identification or state the reason for their visit.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey said actual department employees do not show up to homes unannounced. If there is a reason to go to someone’s residence, they will announce themselves and provide identification. If people are unsure, they can check with us on the legitimacy of the visit by calling us at 855-408-1212.

“The important thing to remember is NCDOI representatives will never go door-to-door asking for personal information,” Causey said. “If someone is calling or knocking on your door claiming to be from Medicare and asking for your Social Security number or bank information, don’t talk to them, it’s a scam.”

Last year, the department alerted North Carolinians to a similar door-to-door scam targeting elderly members of the community.

If anyone has information regarding imposters posing as NCDOI representatives or other suspected fraud, please call 919-807-6840 or 855-408-1212.