Planting sprouts

Dabney Elementary School students Tyasia Hawkins and Tri Le learn about plants from the Woodland Garden Club’s Jean Bell as the school’s Little Sprouts Garden Club planted its fall vegetable garden.

HENDERSON — The Little Sprouts Garden Club at Dabney School is excited to be able to meet this year outside to learn about gardens, animals and the environment. The club is a partnership between the students in Ms. Elliott’s fourth-grade class at Dabney School and members of the Woodland Garden Club.

The club’s first project is planting a fall vegetable garden in the raised bed at the school.

First the students learned about the parts of plants and the functions of each plant part. They studied how plants make food from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis.

After learning how to plant and care for their garden, the students planted cabbage plants from Franklin Brothers Nursery in the raised bed garden. Tomatoes and beans were planted earlier in the season. Club members are looking forward to harvesting their garden next month.

The garden will be cared for by the students and members of Woodland Garden Club.