HENDERSON — On a very nice, comfortable afternoon at Fox Pond in Henderson, on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021, the Hart Family rejoiced in making it through the pandemic to see family members again.

The hosts — Shirley Fuller and Harold Hart, son and daughter of the late Mrs. Annie Lee Hart Fuller; Emanuel Williams, son of the late Mrs. Isabelle Hart Williams; and William Johnson, son of the late Mrs. Estelle Hart Brodie — greeted family members and friends as they arrived. All told, due to previous engagements, about 50 family members were in attendance from Wake Forest, Fayetteville, Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Henderson, Newport News, Virginia, and Manhattan, New York.

The theme colors were red and white, and the reunion T-shirts showed a circle of family members holding hands around a big heart. It was designed and made by Mrs. Margaret Oliveria of Raleigh, a friend of the family. Harold Hart gifted several members with T-shirts. William and Shirley decorated the shelter with red and white streamers and hanging balloons and red tablecloths. It was very festive and loose balloons were available for the little children to play with as well as a kids basketball goal.

After blessing of the food by William Johnson (Ernestine), hot dogs and hamburgers were prepared for the little ones, but family members cooked meals comprised of short ribs, baked, grilled and fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens, steamed cabbage, corn on the cob, chicken casserole, corn muffins, lemon pound cake, honey bun cake, assorted drinks and sweet potato pie. To top the meal off, Paul Richardson, Joseph Richardson and Antonio Hart cooked trout, whiting and tilapia fish. It was so good, fresh out the cooker!

Raffles were held for money boxes and winners were Emanuel William (Ruby), Donna Hart (Curtis), and Alicia Haywood. Gifts of $5 were given to random members by the hostess and a new black lace skirt and an orange, long fringed top were gifted to Alicia Haywood and Joyce Estelle Williams, respectively. Music was played by William Johnson and Kevin Travis Williams.

The Hart Family flags created by the now deceased co-founder Mangum Alexander Hart (Harriett) were displayed by Mrs. Lizzie Fuller Hart (Harold). Lost during the pandemic were three family members: Mangum Alexander Hart (Harriett), son of the late Mrs. Annie Hart Fuller; Eugene Cornelius Williams Sr. (Velma), son of the late Mrs. Isabelle Hart Williams; and Samuel Carroll, son of Mrs. Mable Carroll. We mourn their loss deeply.

Angelette Hart Chia (Patrick), daughter of Harold and Lizzie Hart, was asked to give the benediction. She blessed the family as a whole with thankfulness to Jehovah God that we will all be here next year for the reunion in 2022. She announced that the senior members hosting the reunion will be relieved of their duties by younger family members taking over. There will be a meeting soon to vote on board members to assist them in their first year. One member that has come out of retirement is Mrs. Alice Rose Richardson, daughter of the late Mrs. Estelle Hart Brodie. Mrs. Richardson has accepted her return as the reunion historian. Her work is appreciated.

Fun was had by all.