But first, a quick note: Never one to loath neither themes nor holidays, November will also have a month-long theme. Far sunnier than Gothtober, this month’s focus will be on thankfulness. First up, my job.

I had a good day at work and I was thinking about how grateful I am for the way I earn my daily bread and cute shoes.

I believe that power is three things: money, time, and information.

I work very hard at my gig at the dealership. But for it, I am compensated in a manner that can afford me the aforementioned grub, Sperrys and even the occasional stop at a candy store (literally: Lolli and Pops candy store at the mall near work).

Since I’ve been working, I fall asleep almost as soon as I become horizontal, thus saving time.

I have learned more about cars and the car business than I ever imagined. I know what CVT means, have a preferred number of cylinders, and know what a two-liner is and when we need it.

So, I am grateful for the power my position as a new and used buggy salesperson has conferred upon me.

Gratitude fills me for the routine of a job, but a routine that is routinely broken up by excitement, happiness for my customers, and occasional pops of just plain weirdness. And the routine itself is both fun and comforting.

I love that I call the parts department, “Parts” and they call me “Sales.” I love grumbling about everything with everybody in the delivery bay. I love trading guesses on what we’re having for Saturday lunch. I love pulling handles. I love the “Ladies Upstairs.” I love improving my Spanish, and the friends I’ve made from improving my Spanish. I love stashing my yogurt and Target salad in the Sales office fridge.

I’m grateful that I get to drive all kinds of cars. I’ve driven everything from a red Mercedes sports car to a hulk of a battleship gray F-150. I’ve driven cars that smell like they’d been used as a body farm, were more dog hair than car, and gave me a contact high (literally five minutes after an owner had declared that no one ever smoked in the car).

Every day’s an adventure.

I’m so thankful for my customers and my might-have-been customers. No matter how different I am from the customer on paper, by the end we’re friends who probably know way too much about each other. I’ve given kids life and financial advice, witnessed a widowed spouse move on and been humbled by their courage. I helped proud, nervous parents buy (or help buy) their child’s first car.

Young or first-time parents are a hoot and a miracle. The difference between sweet, nervous, clueless parents-to-be and exhausted, rumpled second or third-timers is a lesson in humanity.

And young adults buying their first car by themselves is a portrait of hope for the future.

But what, most of all I am so very grateful for are the friendships I’ve developed with this band of delinquents, malcontents and jokers. The guy who made me laugh on a recent, horrible day with a simple question. The prop comic that makes me laugh using only one prop, every time. The woman that gives me support and models qualities which I admire. The Darkness. My wonderful, cherished next neighbor, buddies with a “B.” The astonishing new girl behind glass. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

This place has changed my life, and is infusing me with all kinds of power. And for that, I’m drenched in gratitude.

Thanks for your time.

Contact me at dm@bullcity.mom.

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