Under and by virtue of a Judgment entered on January 20, 2021, by the Honorable Amanda E. Stevenson, District Court Judge Presiding, Vance County District Court, in that certain proceeding entitled "VANCE COUNTY AND CITY OF HENDERSON, PLAINTIFFS VS. MICHAEL PERSON AND SPOUSE, IF ANY, ET AL, DEFENDANTS” File No. 20-CVD-844, Office of the Clerk of Superior Court for Vance County, the undersigned Commissioner will offer for sale to the highest bidder, for cash, by public auction, at the Vance County Courthouse door, Henderson, North Carolina, on

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

but subject to confirmation by the Court, the following described lot or parcel of land:

All of that certain tract or parcel of land lying and being situated in the City of Henderson, Henderson Township, Vance County, North Carolina, and more particularly described as follows:

BEGIN at a point arrived at in the following manner: FROM an old iron pipe marking the intersection of the easterly edge of the right of way of Highland Avenue (formerly known as Glory Avenue) with the northerly edge of the right of way of Rock Spring Street, run thence the northerly edge of the right of way of Rock Spring Street S. 66 deg. E. 50 feet to a stake, southeasterly corner of lot now or formerly owner by P.W. Rowland, said stake being the point of beginning.

FROM said point of beginning run thence along the boundary between the lot herein described and the said Rowland Lot N. 24 deg. 24 deg. 30’ E. 200 feet to a stake; thence S. 65 deg. 10’ E. 89 feet to a point; thence parallel with the first the call, S. 24 deg. 30’ W. 200 feet more or less to a point on the northerly edge of the right of way of Rock Spring Street; thence with said right of way N. 66 deg. W. 89 feet to the point of beginning.

For further reference, see Deed of record in Book 750, Page 779, Vance Registry.

(Vance County Tax Collector Account No. 7046, Parcel I.D. Number 0070 01065; 413 Rock Spring St., Henderson, NC)

Taxes will be prorated as of the date of closing. The property is being sold “as is” with no warranty of title.

The successful bidder will be required to deposit five percent (5%) of his bid with the Commissioner on the date of the sale as evidence of good faith and said sale shall lie open for ten (10) days for upset bids.

This the 22nd day of February, 2021.

N. Kyle Hicks, Commissioner


111 Gilliam Street

P. O. Box 247

Oxford, NC 27565

(919) 693-8161

March 11, 18, 2021