RALEIGH — The N.C. Department of Commerce has opened the application process for grants aimed to help businesses affected by the pandemic.

The Business Recovery Grant Program will issue a one-time payment to an eligible North Carolina business that experienced a significant economic loss due to COVID-19. The application period closes Jan. 31, 2022.

Two types of grants will be available to an eligible business that suffered an economic loss of at least 20% during the pandemic:

• A hospitality grant will be available to an eligible arts, entertainment, and recreation business, as well as eligible accommodation and food service business such as a hotel, restaurant, and bar (NAICS codes 71 and 72).

• A reimbursement grant will be available to an eligible business not classified in NAICS Code 71 and 72 that did not receive funding from other relief programs including Paycheck Protection Program, COVID-19 Job Retention Grant, and EIDL Advance.

More information is available at www.ncdor.gov/business-recovery-grant or by contacting the Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce, where application forms can be obtained.

Business owners are also welcome to contact Chamber President Michele Burgess at michele@hendersonvance.org.

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