HENDERSON — The Daily Dispatch has hired Gina Eaves as the newspaper’s advertising director, replacing Desiree Brooks, who is leaving to take a position with the Kerr-Tar Council of Governments.

Eaves said she is looking forward to maintaining the newspaper’s strong relationship with Henderson and the surrounding communities.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be returning home to The Daily Dispatch,” Eaves said. “It’s where I began my professional career and my heart still belongs here, so it’s great to be home again.”

Eaves’ first job with The Daily Dispatch was an advertising representative, but she later became a weekly columnist for the newspaper. Eaves stayed at The Daily Dispatch for three years until she became an advertising director for The Sanford Herald.

After another three years with The Sanford Herald, Eaves elected to fulfill a bucket-list item of hers and became a flight attendant. Once she stopped flying, Eaves returned home to Henderson and joined the local Chick-fil-A as its marketing director.

Eaves enjoyed her time with Chick-fil-A during the year she was employed by the company, but she is now focused on fulfilling her duties as The Daily Dispatch’s ad director and believes the newspaper can keep thriving while Vance County experiences economic growth.

“To me, a newspaper is the heart and soul of the community,” Eaves said. “It’s a force that brings the community together as a source for information. When this opportunity presented itself, I was so excited to come back to an industry that meant so much to me.”

Eaves knows that she has big shoes to fill, but she is determined to pick up from where she left off while also enacting her own ideas.

“I’m looking forward to increasing our presence in the community,” Eaves said. “I’m to continue building relationships with all of the businesses in Henderson and Vance County. Relationships are vital to the success of any business and I want to bolster the importance of [The Daily Dispatch] in Vance County.”

Eaves formally returned to The Daily Dispatch on Wednesday afternoon.