HENDERSON — Having worked for Vance-Granville Community College for such a long time, Cecilia Wheeler, the dean of arts and sciences at VGCC, has been honored by her employer.

Wheeler recently got the President’s Excellence in Leadership Award, presented by VGCC President Rachel Desmarais, according to a VGCC release.

“I am honored and truly humbled to receive this award,” Wheeler said in an email. “I am very fortunate to work with very talented and dedicated faculty, staff and colleagues to help our students achieve their dreams and our communities to grow. I am passionate about student success and feel very grateful for the opportunity to work at Vance-Granville. I would also like to thank Dr. Desmarais for this recognition and for her leadership and commitment to our students and communities.”

The honor is one of VGCC’s three Glen Raven Excellence in Teaching and Leadership Awards.

Glen Raven, Inc., the custom fabrics manufacturer with a facility in Warren County, is what’s described in the release as a “longtime partner and supporter” of VGCC. In addition to sponsoring annual stipends to recognize excellence among VGCC instructors as well as staff members, Glen Raven has also endowed several scholarships for students.

Wheeler, an Oxford resident, has worked at VGCC for more than 30 years. She joined the college as assistant coordinator for VGCC’s South Campus in Granville County in 1989 and later served as leader for that campus, as its coordinator, director and dean, according to the release.

“Dean Wheeler is an exceptional leader for our School of Arts and Sciences, the largest division

within credit instruction at VGCC,” Desmarais said in the release. “She brings a flexible strength to her leadership position. She is known as a ‘problem-solver’ to students and a project leader to her colleagues. Dean Wheeler exemplifies bridge-building, truth-telling, dedication to the college mission, and true humility.”

In 2018, Wheeler assumed her current role, in which she leads more than 40 full-time and adjunct faculty members in eight curriculum programs, offered on all four of the college’s campuses.

For many years, she was an adjunct instructor herself, teaching courses like American history and Southern culture.

Additionally, Wheeler is the current president of the Granville County Chamber of Commerce board of directors.