To all the fine Southern citizens who have historically been registered as Democrats and have been abandoned by their urban national party of various victimhoods, apologies are hereby rendered. It is well known that historically you have been fine people of a generally conservative bent. This set of observations is made of that disastrous National Urban Democrat Socialist Party which now purports to represent you.

This is intended to be a primer addressing how to understand the campaign rhetoric of that National Urban Democrat Socialist Party, hereafter NUDSP. There are four main devices used by NUDSP in trying to win the current election. They are as follows:

1. “Goebbelizing” named for Hermann Goebbels who was, I believe, the first person to say out loud, ”If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” An example was then President Obama saying “You can keep your doctor” and “… this will save you $2,500 per year.”

2. “Projecting” this is the practice of accusing your opposition of doing some terrible thing before, during or after NUDSP has started doing it themselves. An example is accusing the Trump campaign of colluding with the Russians to win an election, when in fact Hillary Clinton was paying for a group of people to do exactly that and cover up her perfidy as would have been shown in her destroyed emails.

3. “Speed Bumping a Lie” is the practice of making multiple unsupported accusations and quickly going on the next lie so that the first one cannot be contested. This is very easy in print but requires more skill in oral communication. An example is to accuse President Trump of horribly mismanaging the China virus pandemic and speeding on to accuse him of mismanaging the economy, while later coming up with the same plans only much later as Joe Biden has done.

4. “Yell Racism, etc.” When faced with a better argument, NUDSP immediately accuses the opponent of being racist. This forces the opponent to leave the winning argument he/she is making and defend the unsupported charge. Examples simply too numerous to bother with.

These are only the four more irritating of the devices that NUDSP’s use, there are many more. It should be noted that NUDSP’s are joined at the hip with CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and PBS in using these devices as one unified political entity. These news outlets add several of their own devices, principle among which is selective editing, especially, when they leave out or underplay any news which might benefit the opposition.

Before you become offended by this, cut this article out and put it on the table next to where you watch news and politics. Then listen carefully to what you hear from the NUDSPs. You might also reread Scott Hughes’ recent column, which demonstrates most of this clearly.

Robert D Herford is vice chairman of the Vance County Republican Party and a resident of Henderson.