Sam Feaver

Sam Feaver has taken over as Kerr-Vance Academy’s athletic director following the departure of George Hoyle Jr. Feaver previously worked as the athletic director for Cresset Christian Academy in Durham and is ready to carry on KVA’s tradition of being efficient in sports.

HENDERSON — Former Cresset Christian Academy athletic director Sam Feaver has been brought in by Kerr-Vance Academy to take the same position following the departure of George Hoyle Jr. over the summer.

Having seen what KVA has accomplished in several different sports over the past few years, Feaver is ready to continue the school’s athletic efficiency while simultaneously building strong relationships throughout Vance County.

“Athletics have been very successful [at KVA] so I’m looking forward to getting started,” Feaver said. “The community has been really great and welcoming during my first week and I regularly have people congratulating me on the new position.”

After graduating from college with a degree in sports management, Feaver joined the fundraising arm for Duke University’s athletics department known as the Iron Dukes, which provides scholarships along with facility maintenance and upgrades for all varsity teams.

Feaver later departed Iron Dukes to take his first athletic director position at Cresset Christian, which is just a few miles from Duke’s main campus. The two-year stint at the school gave Feaver a general understanding of the athletic director position and he said he believes that the culture he built at Cresset Christian will keep them successful in athletics.

While wrapping up Cresset Christian’s spring sports season this year, Feaver received a text from Hoyle encouraging him to apply for the vacant athletic director position at KVA. Following several discussions with the school, Feaver was formally brought in to replace Hoyle earlier this month.

Feaver said that KVA’s efficiency in athletics was something that he wanted to replicate with Cresset Christian. He said he is excited for the opportunity to work alongside coaches and students that display a strong passion for sports.

“KVA has a tradition of excellence and participation,” Feaver said. “There’s such a strong culture surrounding their athletics and it was a big desire of mine to be in a place where the foundation is set. Sports are a big part of KVA and that’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to come here.”

Among the accomplishments that KVA has claimed in recent years are two consecutive NCISAA 1A Championships in volleyball, including a perfect 30-0 record in 2018, as well as an active streak of four straight state titles in baseball.

With 90% of the eligible student body participating in sports, Feaver has every reason to believe that more championships are on the way for KVA and he said intends to work closely with all of the coaches to maintain the school’s status as one of the best in the NCISAA.

The current plan for Feaver does not involve doing any coaching himself but he is determined to do whatever is necessary to keep interest in KVA athletics sustainable through the rest of the 2020s.

“Participation and building a family-like atmosphere are important to me,” Feaver said. “In the past, KVA has fielded between 18-22 teams during an athletic season. I want to continue pouring into the sports that are already successful but I’m the type of person that wants to give an equal amount of energy to all of our teams.”

Feaver’s first year as KVA’s athletic director is set to begin in less than a month with the school’s volleyball, men’s soccer, women’s tennis and cross country teams all preparing for their opening matchups.