Support Hester for state Senate

County Commissioner Tommy Hester is running for state Senate and I think Vance and surrounding counties should support him.

Tommy has personally worked hard to bring jobs and business to Vance County. He is currently on the Golden Leaf Foundation Board, which has brought numerous grants to Henderson and surrounding communities. He has had a large part in expanding the industrial park and is well respected by members in both parties to include U.S. Senators, Congressmen and governors.

He has experience getting thing done and will continue to do so as our state senator. He is a veteran and a lifelong Vance County resident. Please consider voting for him for N.C. Senate District 3.

Jeremy Hetrick


Garrison for N.C. House of Representatives

The Honorable Mr. Terry E. Garrison is seeking re-election to the N.C. House of Representatives, District 32. It is my belief that the citizens of Vance, Warren, and Northern Granville counties have been served well by this Christian gentleman who has a “servant spirit,” is diplomatic, and knows how to reach across the aisle on any issues that affect our citizens. Mr. Garrison has had a wide range of experience in public service.

A vote for Mr. Garrison will be a vote to preserve and strengthen schools, to support policy that encourages industrial growth, to expand Medicaid service to the most vulnerable and to provide services to the mentally fragile, to improve substandard neighborhoods and provide job opportunities for the unemployed, and to support legislation that helps citizens exercise their right to vote.

When Mr. Garrison went to Raleigh to serve in the N.C. House of Representatives nearly four years ago, he took with him all of his past experiences — serving as a member and chairman of the Vance County Commissioners for nearly 30 years, serving as a member and president of the N.C. Association of County Commissioners, serving as a board member and chairman of the Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments, as well as serving in so many other positions. Not only has he served on numerous committees in Raleigh but more recently he has co-sponsored the Collaboratory Funds/COVID-19 Economic Impacts, the Satellite Broadband Grants, and the House Selection Committee Combatting Systematic Racism.

Mr. Garrison has a “vested interest” in our community; after all, he has lived and worked here for well over 40 years, and until this day he still runs a business, TEGARRIS REALTY, in this very community. Also, he is very involved in the happenings of his church, Shiloh Baptist Church of Henderson, where he has served and continues to serve in numerous capacities for over 35 years.

During these uncertain times, we need someone who is willing to fight for everyone because he believes that everyone is important. We need someone who is a part of us to speak for us in Raleigh. I believe that Mr. Terry E. Garrison is the “servant leader” whom we need to represent us in the N.C. House of Representatives, District 32.

Joseph L. Ratliff, Pastor

Shiloh Baptist Church