Vote Dorothy Williams Gooche for Vance school board

People with hearts and action matter. Letter submitted to Dorothy Gooche just before she became a board member. Her service continues.

So many times I’ve wondered how I could ever repay you for what you have meant to me? What I remember...

The times ….

we listened to the song “Banana” ... on the record player.

we listened to the Rev. Dr. King’s different speeches on the record player.

you let me wash your car — and paid me for the job.

you let me drive your car — the one that talked.

you told me I could, when I didn’t think I could. Then I usually did.

you helped me with oratorical speeches.

you told me to stop by your house before I returned to college (YEA!).

you loved me, when I probably deserved it least.

Aunt Dorothy, I talk about you all the time to the youth I now influence. As I relate to them, I hope I can be like an Aunt Dorothy to them. Thank You!

Eddie Williams Jr.


We need more unity

After spending 20 years serving his country, my husband retired and really wanted to do something even more meaningful with his life when he returned home, so he started a small cleaning business. But this business did not start without resistance and discouragement. He was investigated, interrogated and humiliated by those in Warren County who didn’t want him to have his business, but he didn’t give up. Anyone of color should know that we have to work twice as hard to achieve things and even harder to keep them.

He and I both constantly hear non-supportive comments from people who seem to think that the business should be theirs and not his. There are some who are very supportive and we thank you. Black people, if you want a business or anything in life you should go out and create your own legacy. Don’t try to tear someone else down to make them look bad. Support one another and stop all the petty jealousy, because that’s what it is jealousy. If you protest too much to what I’m saying then I’m talking about you. So instead of trying to bring down a 20-year veteran, someone who served his country for you and me, shake his hand and say thank you for your service.

After reading this letter I would suggest to you to look in the mirror and say “I’m going to be a better person and I’m going to love myself.”

Genevieve Steverson

Wife of Stewart Steverson

Of A+ Commercial Cleaning