We need a new party

I am a member of the Democratic Party who believes in the rule of laws and the Constitution. I am seriously troubled by the actions of so many members of the Republican party have taken positions that show disregard for the rules that have been established and violations of the articles of the Constitution. The Republican Party has abandoned the concept of being a party of ideas and defenders of the conservative values, and become a cult like Jim Jones.

The process of democracy works best when there is a competition of ideas and the give and take of debate which results in positive compromise. There is evidence that this process has been abandoned. There is a great need for the health of this country to have a new and principled conservative party created. The Republican Party addicted to Trump needs to be allowed too die and a new party of conservative ideas and values needs to be formed so that the idea of debate and compromise might be restored.

I am hopeful that the Vance County Republicans have a stronger commitment to principles than to personality and that they will be a part of a new effort to build a new and better party for conservatives.

Richard Brand