Rising from our fallen nature

We know of Adam and Eve, who ate the forbidden fruit, whose eyes were opened, and through whom mankind fell from grace. While this seems so long ago, in reality it plays out in the life of almost every soul.

We see small children, happy and giddy, prancing on tiptoes, squealing and laughing with delight at whatever excites their imagination and presses that internal happy button. Oblivious to everything around them, acting out their joy, as we adults watch and laugh and take pleasure in it.

But soon the child changes, grows and reaches puberty/adulthood, and the carefree joy of living and expression disappear to be replaced by self-awareness, guilt and shame. Now too self-conscious to be the child, unable to know and express such unbound love and affection.

Little does the new young man or woman realize that this is quite like the fall experienced by Adam and Eve. As a child there may have been some knowledge of right and wrong, but until the “change,” the child had little to no understanding of guilt and shame … the standards and hallmarks of sin awareness.

From here, the young adult embarks on a spiritual journey to find what was lost … to fill the emptiness … the joy and innocence of a time just beyond remembrance. It’s a treacherous journey, one filled with danger, temptation and sin, providing only moments of relief, but ever building on the level of guilt and shame carried within the soul.

And then one day through mercy and grace, the tormented soul calls out to God; “Save me Lord … Forgive me … I yield forever to You.” And upon these words our Father in heaven takes away our guilt and shame and raises us anew to everlasting life.

Brother Gary Morgan

J.C.’s Church Est. 34AD