All lives matter

I am so disappointed in humanity right now that I could cry and not stop. I’m so tired. Supposedly it makes me a bad person for saying I don’t agree with the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” I don’t. I think it spreads hate and only fuels a further racial divide.

When are people going to stop making everything about race and quit looking at the color of someone’s skin? I don’t know why no one sees it. I believe “All Lives Matter” is the only saying for all of us. Simple as all that. My mother, God, and the Bible taught me so and it’s what I’ve always believed.

I raised my daughter the same way and she’s trying to raise my grandchildren the same way. I worked as a nurse for over 25 years, 17 in the hospital, and the rest as a home care nurse. Sadly, I had to leave nursing at the end of February due to depression and burnout. My heart got to hurting too much for all people. I’ve always tried to be kind to everyone. Why can’t everyone just focus on being good people?

Sabrina Bullock