We need law enforcement

I have never seen the disrespect for law enforcement officers that we are seeing today. Yes, there are some bad cops. There are some bad doctors, lawyers, preachers, school teachers, judges and so on the list of professions go. Would we recommend that we terminate any of these professions because of a few bad apples? Of course not! Yet that is the exact proposal of a segment of America’s society.

I don’t know of any profession needed more than law enforcement. Any society without law enforcement will soon fail to be a society as we know it today. Chaos would reign without laws and people to enforce them.

The residents of Vance County and Henderson are fortunate to have great law enforcement departments and personnel. Let’s show our appreciation and respect. Get to know these men and women. Talk to them; thank them for their service, and, most importantly, pray for them! Pray also for America!

Bob Flowers