HENDERSON — The Bike Safety Bash will kick off with a ribbon-cutting for the all new public bike amenities that were installed across the Downtown Henderson area. Through a joint partnership with the Kerr-Tar COG, the City was awarded five bike racks and a public bike repair station through the 2022 North Carolina Division of Public Health Bike Amenities Grant. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at the intersection of Wyche and Breckenridge Streets, where the public bike repair station and one of the bike racks are located. Through this ceremony, the Kerr-Tar COG and the City hope to educate citizens on these new resources available to them and encourage the community to partake in active transportation when visiting the Downtown area.

Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, children of all ages will have the opportunity to participate in a bike safety rodeo obstacle course. A bike rodeo is an activity that provides children with the opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate bike handling skills in a fun, safe, and encouraging atmosphere. Numerous obstacle courses will be set up with traffic cones. Adult volunteers, including Henderson Police Department and Vance County EMS staff, will run each activity station or obstacle course, with the objective of teaching the children how to better control their bikes.

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