HENSPTS-12-22-20 WEBB1

J.F. Webb volleyball player Courtney Williams reaches for the ball during her team’s matchup with Roanoke Rapids on Monday evening.

OXFORD — J.F. Webb looked to cap off the 2020 portion of their schedule on a positive note with a win over Roanoke Rapids, but they picked up their fourth loss of the season after being swept in the final three sets.

Both J.F. Webb and Roanoke Rapids trade points to open the first set, but J.F. Webb scores eight unanswered points to take a 14-10 lead. Roanoke Rapids rebounded to contest J.F. Webb for the first point of the evening, but J.F. Webb ultimately prevailed 25-19.

The second set proved to be more evenly matched between the two sides, with neither J.F. Webb nor Roanoke Rapids generating any significant momentum. Some late errors from J.F. Webb were enough for Roanoke Rapids to win 25-22 and tie the game at 1-1.

Momentum further shifted in Roanoke Rapids’ direction after they took a 12-3 to open the third set. J.F. Webb makes a furious charge at the lead, but Roanoke Rapids held on for a 25-19 victory.

J.F. Webb was determined to extend the game into a fifth set and battled Roanoke Rapids hard for their second point of the evening. Despite the valiant effort from J.F. Webb, Roanoke Rapids maintained their composure to claim the overall win by a score of 25-23.

J.F. Webb will not play again until the new year when they travel to Creedmoor for a matchup with South Granville on Jan. 5 at 4 p.m.