I have verified and fact-checked all of Trump’s claims. I didn’t just take him at his word but took the time to research what he has said. Overwhelmingly, he has flat-out lied to all Americans about his history, accomplishments, and most everything regarding the Office of the President.

He claimed to be a Christian but could not name a single Bible verse and couldn’t differentiate the differences between the New and Old Testaments in the Holy Bible. There was evidence that Trump involved Russia with the 2016 election and has reached out to foreign leaders and countries attempting to do the same with the 2020 election. He tried, and was successful, for years in keeping his tax records sealed but The New York Times was finally able to acquire some records. He has not paid federal taxes in more than 20 years — none at all! He did this by claiming net financial losses every year. So, either he is the worst businessman ever who has consistently lost money for years, or he has been lying to the Internal Revenue Service and ripping off all of us by paying no taxes for decades! Keep in mind this is while all of us have been paying more taxes than any of us would like. Trump has a big personal jet but can’t pay a single dollar in federal taxes.

Trump politicized the pandemic by making the very act of wearing a mask, or not wearing one, a political issue. Because of his lack of leadership almost 200,000 people have died. He has proven that he doesn’t respect our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech. He has dramatically increased hate, hate crimes, and everything having to do with indifference and hate in America! All the while he has been spitting out one lie after another and treating the Office of President as if it were a reality show on television!

I’m tired of all the fighting, all the killing, and almost everything on the news having something to do with harm and hate. I’m ready for we Americans to become simply that: Not white Americans, not black Americans, but simply Americans! I pray, not Trump pray but really pray to God, that I’m right in that most of us are ready for peace finally.

Scott Hughes is a Henderson resident.