OXFORD — The Granville Education Foundation awarded seven grants to Oxford Preparatory School teachers last week.

“Just really proud of our teachers and staff seeking out additional funding opportunities in creative ways that can really further their goals in the classroom, so I know it takes effort on their part and really proud of them for taking the time to seeking this opportunity out and really appreciative of the partnership with Granville Ed[ucation] Foundation and how we can best serve students in Granville County,” OPS Executive Director Andrew Swanner said.

This year, Jennifer Cufalo Carpenter, executive director of Granville Education Foundation, said the Granville Education Foundation received a total of 48 grant submissions and awarded 26 of those grants that were submitted — a total of 11 schools were the recipients of those. The grant total amount that was given out was $50,500. Also, the Granville Education Foundation supplies $1,000 to each elementary school within their district — $11,000 is going out for literacy. And there’s a donation that’s given to the public schools of $25,000 each year.

Oxford Prep is one of the schools that will receive the $1,000 literacy grant.

Oxford Prep submitted nine grants in total and received seven of them, Cufalo Carpenter said.

Bylaw change resulted in the Granville Education Foundation being able to aid non-traditional schools, including Oxford Prep, which is a charter school.

“In the past we were typically public schools, but we changed our bylaws two years ago, so now [we] accept charters,” Cufalo Carpenter said. So Oxford Prep and Falls Lake Academy [which is in Creedmoor] were included in our grants this year.”

Swanner, who noted the Granville Education Foundation has “been around a long time,” said the organization has been able to create what he referred to as a “large endowment” through fundraising. With that it’s able to give out grants to educators every year as a result, he added.

“When we first opened as a public charter school in 2013, it created some questions as it related to the Granville Ed[ucation] Foundation because their mission was to support public schools in Granville County. Well, up until that time, all public schools operated under the Granville County public school district,” Swanner said. “And so when we, and another charter school, Falls Lake [Academy], opened in 2013, that create[d] some questions and potential conflict and so for the most part we just, our school didn’t really have any involvement, we were involved in our own fundraising, our own activities until last school year they really reached out to us, and were proactive and wanted to build a good working relationship after they went through some changes. And as a result to that, we’ve developed a very good productive relationship where we support their events and as a result, last school year and this school year, our teachers have applied and received grants. So, it’s been a very favorable development.”