OXFORD — Granville County Public Schools and other educational institutions recently received grants from the Granville Education Foundation.

The foundation recently awarded over $50,500 in grants to Granville County School teachers, according to a press release from Jennifer Cufalo Carpenter, executive director of Granville Education Foundation.

Grant recipients included Oxford Preparatory School teachers.

The grants also went to Granville County Public School educators like Carole Griffin of J.F. Webb High School.

Griffin, who teaches English II, Honors English II, AP Language and Composition, English IV, and Honors English IV, said that this year she got a $3,000 technology grant for a project called “Fostering Foundations: Building Vocabulary for our Educational Futures” from the foundation.

“Receiving the grant money was a thrill,” Griffin said. “I am so happy because of the learning opportunities my students will have only because of the grant. What a blessing! I love how the prize patrol came with balloons during class. My students, too, were excited and smiling at the celebration.”

With the grant, students are poised to reap vocabulary benefits.

The funds, Griffin said, will be used to secure for each student in the entire school a year’s worth of “individualized vocabulary study, a must in the hardships of remote learning.” A differentiated learning program called Membean, Griffin went on to say, uses “adaptive reinforcement learning” to challenge each student in his or her personal “productive struggle zone.”

“Expanding students’ vocabulary knowledge enhances their literacy skills so that they resultantly build confidence in their reading and writing abilities,” Griffin added. “Students often don’t retain the 20 weekly vocabulary words we study because they only memorize them superficially for a quiz. Membean ensures long-term acquisition.”

This isn’t the first time Griffin was awarded a grant,.

Griffin said she was also “blessed” last year to win a $1,000 experience grant titled “Expanding Experiences: Theatre for Title I Teens.”

The money would have given students a play experience in April.

Amanda Baker, also in the English department, and Griffin “resurrected” the drama club last year, Griffin explained. That $1,000 was the exact amount needed to get two full school buses of students to see a play produced by Hillside High’s Drama Department on April 3 in Durham. However, the trip was postponed, “but will enlighten our learners when we are able to travel to experience the stage as an audience,” Griffin said.

Baker got a creative teaching grant this year for her project titled “The Return of Theatre to JFW” that’ll supply what Griffin referred to as “the startup funds” for the Webb drama club’s first production in over a decade. “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown,” will be the show when “we are able to rehearse again,” Griffin said.

The 2020-2021 Success Through Technology Grants (eligible to apply for an amount up to $5,000),according to the release, are:

Oxford Preparatory School — Heather Williams

West Oxford Elementary School — Karla Gravitt

Wilton Elementary School — Tasha Blalock

Creedmoor Elementary School — Kathy Clement

Granville Central High School — Audra Neunkirchner

Oxford Preparatory School — Ashley Barnette

Oxford Preparatory School — Cindy Clark

J.F. Webb High School — Carole Griffin

Creedmoor Elementary School — Victoria Jones

Oxford Preparatory School — Jade Currin

Tar River Elementary School — Holly Navo

2020-2021 Experience Grants (eligible to apply for an amount up to $1,000), according to the release, are:

Mount Energy Elementary School — Kelly Herman

Oxford Preparatory School — Jade Currin

Creedmoor Elementary School — Niekietta Grillo

2020-2021 Performing & Visual Arts Grant (eligible to apply for an amount up to $1,500), according to the release, are:

Northern Granville Middle School — Sherria Grubbs

Granville Central High School — Brent Hammer

2020-2021 Lela Eaton Creative Teaching Grants (eligible to apply for an amount up to $1,000), according to the release, are:

Falls Lake Academy — Sara Allen

Mount Energy Elementary School — Kelly Herman

Oxford Preparatory School — Mary Newton

J.F. Webb High School — Lori Puryear

Stovall-Shaw Elementary School — Tammy Hughes

Tar River Elementary School — John Fiedler

J.F. Webb High School — Mary Lundquist

Oxford Preparatory School — Mary Ann Crews

J.F. Webb High School — Amanda Baker

Mount Energy Elementary School — Farrah Preddy

The foundation will remain in contact with the grant recipients throughout the 2020-2021 school year to gather the progress of their grant projects.

“There are not words enough to convey our gratitude to the Granville Ed Foundation,” Griffin said. “An inestimable number of students’ lives are ameliorated each year in all arenas of learning experiences. The effects of each year’s grants carry on with the students year after year. What a blessing [the foundation] is to our community!”