CREEDMOOR — The Granville County Crime Stoppers will be hosting its annual golf tournament at the South Granville Country Club on May 20 to help provide cash rewards for information pertaining to unsolved crimes.

Granville County Crime Stoppers President Frank Sossamon anticipates a great turnout for this year’s golf tournament and is speaking with several people and organizations about supporting next month’s festivities.

“We hope to get 100 hole sponsors and 18 teams,” Sossamon said. “The teams are coming in well but we’re also looking to get 10 corporate sponsors as well.”

Sossamon said that the goal of the Crime Stoppers is to make Granville County a safe place to live by assisting law enforcement in preventing criminal activity from taking place. The organization includes regular members of the community alongside law enforcement agencies and local businesses.

Granville County residents are always encouraged to provide information about potential suspicious activity to the Crime Stoppers if it is available to them. Money is provided for these tips and those who leave them will remain anonymous.

This year will be the third time the Crime Stoppers has held its annual golf tournament after starting it in 2018. The organization has intended to organize it in 2020 but the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to cancel the event.

Sossamon added that the Crime Stoppers are willing to do anything to support local businesses that are interested in participating in the tournament. These businesses can contribute a prize or have brand representation on items like ink pens or magnets.

Sossamon is thankful that people have returned to support the Crime Stoppers Golf Tournament after a year of inactivity but he also praised the South Granville Country Club for being the ideal location to host such an event.

“The [South Granville] Country Club is a great facility,” Sossamon said. “They have great hospitality and they are very helpful in providing advertising and some of the prizes.”

With a large number of golfers and businesses expected for this year’s iteration of the tournament, Sossamon envisions the event to keep growing in the future but affirmed that the Crime Stoppers need public support to keep it going and to reward those who help them prevent illegal activities.

“Our plan is to continue having the tournament,” Sossamon said. “We want to keep these goals set because we feel like they are reachable goals. We’ll continue to need the funds to hand out the rewards because criminal activity is not going to be slowing down. We’ll always need people to provide us information because someone out there knows something about every crime that has been committed.”

On the day of the tournament, lunch will be served at the South Granville Country Club at noon before the first tee off takes place at 1 p.m. Entrants or businesses that have questions can reach out to Creedmoor Mayor Bobby Wheeler, who is also the event chair, at 919-691-0526.