HENDERSON — Visitors to Fuller Chapel Christian Church got a journey through Biblical history on Wednesday evening.

The congregation of the church shared “Stations of Christmas” with the community in a celebration of the Christmas season.

Stations of Christmas was a drive-through event showcasing major Biblical passages leading up to the birth of Jesus and continuing through his ministry.

At each station, drive-through visitors listened to a recorded commentary about the depicted scene before moving on to the next station.

The first station offered “In the beginning was the Word. . . .” from the Gospel of John.

From there, the visitors proceeded through a series of religious tableaus, ending with the final station, which showed an empty cross and summarized the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and his promise to make all things new.

The display was designed to present the Christmas story “from creation to the cross,” in the words of Fuller Chapel Pastor Tammy Ayscue.

Copies of the script were given to visitors, Ayscue said, so they could take it home and reflect on it.

The event was presented by children and youth of the church with a little help from adults.

The church was unable to celebrate Christmas in the usual ways last year because of the pandemic. This year, the congregation conceived of “Stations of Christmas” as a way of inviting visitors to its 1470 North Lynnbank Road location to share in the season of giving and receiving.

“It’s the first time we’ve done this,” Ayscue said.

During the event, as a stream of vehicles wrapped around the church, Ayscue added, “I think it’s going well. Everybody seems to appreciate it. I’m just grateful they can come and get the word. Reflect on what the real meaning of Christmas is and we know it’s Jesus Christ.”

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