HENDERSON — Eight dogs are in urgent need of being adopted following a fire last week that destroyed much of a Henderson home.

All 10 of the homeowner’s dogs were either rescued by firefighters or accounted for the morning of the fire before being transported to the Vance County Animal Shelter. One of the dogs is elderly, sick and unable to be adopted, and the homeowner intends to keep another.

That leaves eight that need homes in an already crowded shelter, putting animals that have been there the longest at risk of being euthanized.

“It was a bad situation for [homeowner Paul Knight],” said County Chief of Animal Services Frankie Nobles, “and it’s bad for us because of the shelter being full.”

Animal Services moved six dogs to a boarding facility the morning of the fire to make space for Knight’s dogs, which came to the shelter frightened by the trauma of the fire that caused the roof of the three-story home to collapse.

The dogs are lab mixes, most of them siblings around the age of 4.

“They’ll need a lot of socialization,” said Taylor Pitkowsky, the assistant rescue coordinator for Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society. “They’re not used to life outside of their house other than the one owner. They’re just not socialized. They’re sweet dogs. They just need a lot of work.”

Pitkowsky said the Vance County Animal Shelter doesn’t opt to euthanize unless there’s “absolutely no other option.”

“If we can help get these guys out of here,” Pitkowsky said, “it’ll also help save the other dogs that are here because we’ll have those open kennels back.”

Call the Vance County Animal Shelter at 252-492-3136 for more information. The shelter is located at 1243 Brodie Road in Henderson.

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