Khalil Gay

Khalil Gay, who performs as 2FLY KNG, has just released his second album.

Hip-hop artist Khalil Gay and his followers have room a lot to be excited about, as the artist released his second album, “You Lost,” this week.

Often in the music world, the second album is the pivotal one, where bands develop their sound. Gay, who goes by 2FLY KNG, said he feels good about his second album.

“I love it,” he said in an email. “So much hard work and emotion went into the process. My team has been working vigorously to get it to where it currently stands since April. In my personal opinion, this album is way better than my first.”

Gay, who said he thinks he has learned to articulate his feelings better, also said that his music is “much more ‘listenable’ now.”

His desire was to paint a more holistic picture of himself.

He said that he wanted to give individuals a look into the first 19 years of his life — “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” he said. Plus, he wanted folks to take the message “You Lost” for what “it truly is.”

“Often, we see losses as something to resent and avoid,” he said. “However, this album gives a new perspective on loss and glorifies the process rather than denies the struggle. Perception is key.”

The album features CrownChaZ ( and LaTone.

With a new album out and all, there’s still much upcoming, including performances.

His most recent performance was at GMMC Digital in Durham and he has another performance at Arcade of Thrones on Oct. 17, as well as a performance Oct. 19 at Skewers in Durham.

He also has “a lot of new music on the way.”

“You Lost” is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify (, under 2FLY KNG.

“I would just like to add that I’m overjoyed with the consumer response,” he said. “Knowing that people genuinely have connected with my content so far is very encouraging. I can’t wait for the world to see what else I have in store.”