Infinite Possibilities offering domestic violence assistance

Apr. 10, 2014 @ 08:50 PM

Infinite Possibilities Inc. is now contracted with the state to offer confidential domestic violence services.

Already the organization has helped more than two dozen victims.

Earlier this year, the N.C. Council of Women granted the organization more than $45,000 in state funds and more than $24,000 in marriage licenses fees that launched their domestic violence campaign.

“The greatest goal that we have is that someone’s life will be saved and rebuilt due to our services,” owner Kanika Turrentine said.

Since Heart’s Haven closed in July 2013, the community has had no primary go-to organization for domestic violence related needs. A number of agencies helped as able, but a direct support source was not easily identifiable.

“This did not stop the need,” Turrentine said.

Turrentine said she reached out to the North Carolina Council of Women when she learned that the county was “in a hole.”

The Council of Women application outlines that any agency that qualifies can acquire funding, if available, to service domestic violence victims.

Requirements include an agency visit from the council to demonstrate the organization’s ability to offer sustainable domestic violence help and safety to county residents.

“It was God, favor and our government ties,” Turrentine said.

Since its official start in 2009, Infinite Possibilities Inc. has catered to families by offering youth communication events and seminars that make the prevalence of domestic struggles known.

Becoming deeply involved with the community, Turrentine has seen the organization blossom.

“I was a single parent myself,” said Turrentine, who left her teaching profession to open the organization. “I felt a pull to step outside the classroom and do more on the support end. I could have never known that it would have turned out like this.”

In the coming years, Turrentine hopes to put the organization’s new funds into action to decrease the domestic violence epidemic in Vance County and provide a domestic violence shelter for victims.

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